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Crash Bandicoot’s ‘woah’ is the internet’s new obsession

Hey now, Crash is a WOAH star

crash bandicoot woah meme grandayy/YouTube

This summer has seen Crash Bandicoot return in a big way, with sales of the PlayStation 4 remaster collection Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy topping the charts since its June launch. But a viral video’s won him attention for a very different reason, pitting him as the star of the internet’s new favorite goof.

Crash is an easy dude to mock for a variety of reasons — look at those shorts, man — but a video of streamer OneyPlays dubbing shrill yelps over the character in Crash Bandicoot 2 has won him peak goof status.

Oney’s let’s play won fans last fall, but it wasn’t until he brought back his signature Crash joke in early July, just after the bandicoot’s increased profile with his new PS4 compilation, that it really caught on.

Oney’s Crash “Woah!” has now been used in all kinds of songs, like the Wii Shop Channel music:

There’s also “Woah Me Up Inside,” the bandicoot’s take on an Evanescence classic. (Crash just can’t “woah” up.)

This one’s pretty much peak internet: Crash is “Never Gonna Woah You Up.”

He’s got a cover of “All Star” to his name now, obviously; the platonic ideal of internet goofs:

It’s not just song’s that Crash’s “woah” is infiltrating. He’s crossing over into other games, too. Here’s Crash in OG Doom:

There are abundant collections of these so-called “dank memes” on YouTube, too. Here’s a nice compilation for you:

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Crash Bandicoot normally, but there’s something strangely lovable about this low-poly screaming version of him. It’s got the same embarrassing allure as other short-lived fads, like the screaming goat.

With sales still going strong for Crash’s PlayStation 4 remaster collection, expect the 15 minutes of “Woah” to keep going for a little longer.

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