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PUBG players won’t stop honking at streamers

Forget stream sniping — it’s all about stream honking

cars in pubg Bluehole

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds received working car horns in its August update, and players on the game’s test servers have found the best use for them. Instead of bugging streamers by sniping them live on camera, PUBG fans are driving around honking their horns at Twitch stars ad nauseam.

It’s a goof known colloquially as “stream honking,” referencing the “stream sniping” that recently caused a stir in the Battlegrounds player base. It’s against the game’s rules of conduct to hunt down and take out players who are streaming where they are — something that can be difficult to prove — but the rules don’t say anything about driving around and honking at them repeatedly.

A popular target for players is Grimmmz, one of the best known streamers of Battlegrounds. He recently earned the scorn of some community members after he argued that bans for stream sniping are justified, a controversial stance with many of those who say they’ve been falsely accused. Clips from his streams where the sound is drowned out by horns have been removed from Twitch; some still exist through Google’s cache.

But other well known streamers are getting followed by that obnoxious car horn, too. DrDisrespect is another popular target; check out the 7:29 mark in the video below.

It happens again around 12:18:

No wonder this part of the update is the one that most players got most excited for. Watch Polygon’s Awful Squad have some fun with other parts of the new PUBG patch below.