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PlayStation Plus games for September include a free VR title (update)

Just in time for that headset price drop

rigs Guerrilla Cambridge/Sony Interactive Entertainment

September’s PlayStation Plus games include a PlayStation VR-compatible title, among several other games — a giveaway that makes sense, considering Sony is effectively slashing the price on its virtual reality headset.

That game is RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, a unique sports game where players control mechs in a variety of matches. It requires the PSVR headset to play, so you’re out of luck on this title if you’re without one. There’s time to pick up the now-$399 headset bundle and still get the game for free, however, as the giveaway is live from Sept. 5 until Nov. 7.

There are two other PlayStation 4 games that don’t require any VR to play, at least. Infamous: Second Son and Strike Vector Ex are also free for subscribers during the month of September.

Here’s the full September PS Plus games list, all of which will be available starting Sept. 5.

PlayStation 4: Infamous Second Son, Strike Vector Ex, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

PlayStation 3: Truck Racer, Handball 2016

PlayStation Vita: We Are Doomed, Hatoful Boyfriend

Update: Sony issued a correction to its original post to say that it had mixed up this month’s PlayStation Plus titles. The correct list is above.