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Body-morphing shooter Morphies Law headed to Nintendo Switch this winter

Watch players shrink and grow in new trailer

Morphies Law, the shooter title that captivated Polygon when it was shown at E3 in 2016, is heading to the Nintendo Switch this winter.

A new trailer for Morphies Law debuted during Nintendo’s Nindies showcase today, which further expanded on the game’s intriguing concept. Morphies Law is a body morphing horror fest that allows players to change their physical appearance, including the ability to shrink or grow in size, when they’re shot. Morphies essentially steal body mass from their opponent whenever they land a shot, which is terrifying when you think about it. This capability allows players to reach areas they wouldn’t be able to at normal height and strategize during matches.

Players take on the role of a Day-of-the-Dead-inspired robot and can participate in 4v4 matches. Traditional gameplay modes like team deathmatch will be included, but Morphies Law will also incorporate modes centered around the mass stealing, morphing ability.

Morphies Law will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch this winter.