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Nintendo Switch’s indie lineup through 2018 shows promise

Indie is the future

travis strikes again: no more heroes artwork Grasshopper Manufacture

Nintendo showcased a ton of upcoming indie games for Nintendo Switch during its latest Nindies presentation. The biggest highlights are obvious — another No More Heroes game! — but there are titles in every genre on the way to the console.

We’ve rounded them up for you below. (You’re welcome.)

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

This Switch exclusive arrives in 2018, and marks the return of Travis Touchdown — and Suda51 in the director’s chair.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

The episodic indie classic heads to console for the first time next year, and the TV Edition will include the long-awaited final installment.

Super Meat Boy Forever

The sequel to the devilishly difficult Super Meat Boy is coming to Switch next year. Time to practice up.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards

shovel knight king of cards screenshot Yacht Club Games

This is the last part of the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove collection. The focus this time around is on King Knight, and it’s a prequel story. It’s out in early 2018.

SteamWorld Dig 2

This one’s out on Switch really soon — Sept. 21. Expect more pickaxe and shovel action.

Golf Story

This golf-meets-role-playing game looks surprisingly rad. There’s a “dramatic story” in the mix alongside a plethora of golf challenges. It’s a Switch exclusive, and it’s out in September.

Morphies Law

We were really into this strange little multiplayer game when we first saw it at E3 2016, and this winter, the game is making its exclusive console debut on Switch. Morphies Law involves a team of giants who fight to absorb each other’s body mass, shrinking or expanding their body parts accordingly. It’s wild.

Sausage Sports Club

Depending on how you feel about floppy animals, this is either your most-anticipated game of the fall or something to steer clear of. It’s a physics-based multiplayer game where a bunch of animals are competing on reality TV, and it’s out this fall.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants

This adventure game, out in October, looks extremely, painfully cute. It’s about an elephant who not only uses its trunk to open chests, but throw explosives. Yono is the bomb.

Floor Kids

Are you into breakdancing? This is your game. It’s out on Switch this holiday.

Poly Bridge

It’s a bridge-building simulator! What more could you ask for? It’s a Switch exclusive, too — so that’s neat — and it’s out this holiday.


This is a throwback, co-op beat-em-up action game. It’s set in “ancient Britain,” which you’re free to define as you will. It will launch first on Switch in September.

Nine Parchments

Here’s a co-op game about casting spells at a bunch of weird monsters and wizards. It’s out this holiday.

Light Fingers

Finally, we have a turn-based multiplayer game where up to four players compete on a magically enhanced board. It’s out early next year.