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Sonic Forces DLC lets you dress up as classic Sega heroes

If you ever wanted to be AiAi in a Sonic game, here you go

sonic forces Sega

Sonic Forces, the second major Sonic the Hedgehog game out this year, will launch Nov. 7. The franchise’s official Twitter account revealed not only the release date, but the game’s special Bonus Edition set, which includes a set of add-ons that Sega and Atlus fans will find extremely familiar.

Five costumes inspired by a variety of classic games are thrown into the Bonus Edition. They include Beat of Jet Set Radio’s glasses and outfit; the mask and outfit of Persona 5’s leading Phantom Thief, known in-game as Joker; a hat that looks like a Puyo, from the Puyo Puyo series; Nights’ hat and outfit; and a look inspired by AiAi from Super Monkey Ball.

These outfits will all be compatible with Sonic Forces’ hallmark feature: the Hero Character mode, where players can design their own Sonic character. Maybe your Sonic OC wasn’t wearing an AiAi costume when you first dreamed them up, but they sure as hell will now.

Oh, there’s also a controller skin included with the Bonus Edition, which we’re decidedly less enthusiastic about. Both that and the costumes can be seen below.

sonic forces bonus edition dlc Sega/Atlus

Sonic Forces will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We played it at E3 2017; it was a pretty good time.

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