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Busted: The PUBG pan would actually make crappy armor

Cooking instruments will not save you

It is possible to find a pan in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and said pan can be used as an offensive weapon to crush the skulls of enemy players. It should go without saying that in a battle between a pan and a shotgun, the person with the shotgun will almost always win. So the pan isn’t a great weapon.

But it also works as body armor when you carry it, because of course a pan can deflect a bullet, right? It might make a crappy weapon, but it should be good protection for your body. That’s just science.

There’s no reason to take the real-world versions of weapons from the game out to a field to shoot at a pan mounted to a watermelon to see how badly you would get killed. No one would ever do that.

OK, Logical Increments did just that, and the results are not pretty. You can view the entire video at the top of this post, but we’ll go ahead and spoil it for you: You would die. A pan will not save you. Don’t be the watermelon.

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