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A Dragon Quest 10 anime is the most tearjerking thing you’ll watch today

Seven minutes of heartwarming heaven

Dragon Quest 10, a massively multiplayer online game in the classic RPG series, never made it overseas. That’s a shame, because watching Square Enix’s first anime short inspired by the game paints it as a poignant experience.

The developer uploaded the first episode of a new series of anime based on real Dragon Quest 10 players’ stories. A pitch from last December asked fans to submit their most memorable experiences with the MMO — the ones that touched their real lives, not just their online, in-game ones.

In April, Square Enix chose three winning submissions for the project, called “The Adventurers’ Miracle.” The first comes from a player named Yukina, who wrote in with “The Name of Feelings.” Her story is about how a family honored the memory of their oldest daughter, Yukina, through their in-game characters. Swapping between anime scenes and gameplay, the short exemplifies that not everything in Dragon Quest 10 has to be about fighting monsters and taking quests.

Another episode is on the way, with the entire series set to celebrate Dragon Quest 10’s recent fifth anniversary. We may never get this game in the West, but at least we can look forward to making our own memories in the more traditional Dragon Quest 11 when it comes stateside next year.

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