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The Polygon Show episode 9: Pop the Wib Wob

Sweaty, sweaty ladies

Polygon Show hosts from left to right: Chelsea Stark, Ashley Oh, Simone de Rochefort, Allegra Frank Austin Pikulski/Vox Studios

Our mixing board was possessed by bony spirits and we lost the whole dang news section!

In this episode, we share our sweatiest stories and reminisce on our first exposure to games. Also for some reason, Ashley talks about her dream of eating snacks with Nobuo Uematsu and then somehow mayonnaise gets involved.


  • Simone de Rochefort - Video producer. Author. Woman of leisure. Assassin’s Creed enthusiast.
  • Chelsea Stark - Managing editor. Zelda fan. PC gamer. Dungeon and/or Dragon.
  • Ashley Oh - Social media manager. Mei main. Meat expert. Phantom thief. Knife user.
  • Allegra Frank - Deputy news editor. Scoop hunter. Anime enjoyer. Nintendo nerd.

The Polygon Show will be available for you to listen to every Friday on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Have any serious or just plain strange questions that you want answered on the show? Email us at and we might read it on the next episode.

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