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Day two of the International Dota 2 Championships brings hope and heartbreak

At the second day of TI7, the 2017 International Dota 2 Championships, eliminations continued as one Chinese team maintained its stranglehold on the tournament.

The day began as Filipino squad TNC Pro Team took on the stars of The International thus far, Chinese team LGD.Forever Young. The Chinese team made quick work of TNC in game one, but TNC showed signs of life in game two, with wild swings of momentum back and forth between the two teams in a game that hinged perhaps on just one or two key unlucky moments — each of which seemed to break toward an unfortunate end for TNC, who fall to the Main Event’s lower bracket today.

Next, LGD.FY’s sister squad LGD took on Russian team Virtus.Pro for the day’s remaining upper bracket game. It was another two-game set, as Virtus Pro handed in a convincing pair of wins against the Chinese team in rapid succession, setting the Russians up for a continued berth in the upper bracket, and a collision course with LGD.FY.

The day’s third series was a slugfest of two high-profile western teams who have thus far struggled to find traction at The International, with EU orgs Team Liquid and Team Secret fighting to avoid elimination in a lower bracket match that few would have predicted just weeks ago. In game one, Liquid fell to the aggressive roaming support play of Secret captain Clement “Puppey” Ivanov on Spiritbreaker. But in game two, Secret found their stride, fighting back to take the series to game three. Puppey attempted to repeat his game one performance as Spiritbreaker, but ultimately, Secret fell to Liquid’s push, and out of The International.

Day two closed as Russian squad Team Empire, fresh out of surviving single-elimination, faced off against North American team Evil Geniuses. EG was widely favored to secure at least top four at TI7, but were quickly knocked to the lower bracket on day one. EG was also favored against Empire, but Empire, anchored by the carry play of Roman “Reso1ution” Fominok — a substitute player who filled in for Empire after their carry, Vladimir “Chappie” Kuzmenk, was denied entry to the United States in time for The International — routed the NA team with a decisive 2-0 set. This marks the first time since 2014 that Evil Geniuses has failed to make The International’s top four finishers.

Day three opens as TNC takes on EU team OG and LGD takes on Digital Chaos, with the losers of each facing elimination. The day will close with upper bracket semifinals play, with Chinese teams IG facing Newbee and LGD.FY facing VP.

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