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Harry Potter fans can now explore the halls of Hogwarts Castle in Pottermore

One of Pottermore’s first major interactive features

Ever since Pottermore first launched in 2012, the site has become a community for fans to congregate, discuss Harry Potter, get sorted into their proper house and learn about wizarding history.

A new feature that goes live on the site today will expand upon what users can do even further. Pottermore subscribers will get the chance to explore different areas of Hogwarts through a first-person, 3D experience. Certain areas, including the school’s Quidditch pitch and the Forbidden Forest, will have include spots that will reveal additional information about the history of those locations not included in any of the books.

The new feature signals the first time Pottermore has gone fully interactive. Up until now, users could complete quizzes or scroll through stories, but there wasn’t any emphasis placed on developing a more hands-on experience. Pottermore’s newest feature will be available for those who visit the site on most mobile devices, including tablets, along with standard desktop use.

For those wondering why Pottermore decided to launch the new initiative today, Sept. 1 represents a very important day in the Harry Potter stories: the first day of school.

More information about the feature can be seen in the video above.

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