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Destiny 2 racks up 1.2 million players online

And it’s not out on PC for another month

Destiny 2 Bungie/Activision

Destiny 2 is the latest game with a concurrent users figure more than 1 million. Bungie touted more than 1.2 million enjoying the game yesterday morning.

It’s noteworthy that this is a console-only figure. Destiny 2’s PC launch date is still more than a month away (Oct. 24). PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — which is still in early access — went over 1 million concurrents at the end of the week and is still holding that position, well above the concurrents for Valve-made Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Who knows what will happen at the end of October. It’s tough to tell if the obsession with Destiny 2 will take hold in the same kind of numbers after more than a month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first game didn’t launch on PC, of course, so it’s not like there is anything to compare it to. The PC edition will not support mods, either, which crosses off a big appeal of playing on that platform.

This isn’t unprecedented; it just happens to be two big-names games catching fire at the same time. League of Legends has boasted of an eight-figure daily active user count for about five years now. Minecraft has seen million-player days, too. Overwatch recorded more than 7 million players in its first week and went over 30 million earlier this year — though that is the lifetime population of gamers in Overwatch, not a concurrent or daily figure.

It’s true that we hear this news mainly when a studio is proud of its work; no shame in that. And publishers, particularly Activision, have bragged about player numbers to their investors in lieu of going on the record with sales data for a few years now. But it’s safe to assume Destiny 2 has made a nice chunk of cash not even a week into its launch, and is looking at more over the next six weeks. As for PUBG, what the heck is gonna happen when that thing comes out of early access (the end of this year) and then launches on Xbox One (next year)?

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