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It sets opening weekend records for horror movie

Projected to take $117 million domestically, $179 million worldwide

It - Pennywise inside a pipe Warner Bros.
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

It opened with a very strong $117 million weekend domestically setting a record for the largest September opening and for a horror or supernatural film.

It’s projected to do another $62 million of business overseas, according to Box Office Mojo, giving it $179 million overall. That already gives It fifth place all-time in the horror-supernatural genre, as counted by Box Office Mojo.

The previous domestic record for an opening weeked for a horror movie was Paranormal Activity 3, which premiered in October 2011, but that was only $52.5 million. And It is second only to Deadpool for best opening by an R-rated movie.

It performed well despite Hurricane Irma clearing out large parts of Florida and Georgia for the weekend, which Variety notes could affect moviegoing attendance by as much as 5 percent. This comes at the end of an unusually bad summer for movies overall, and the worst Labor Day at the box office in 17 years.

Our review did not find It to be much of a scary film, likening it to Stranger Things and more of a disturbing flick than a horror classic. Still, we enjoyed the very likeable cast. The full review has more.