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Watching Zack Snyder’s new short film will require downloading an obscure app

What is Vero?

Snow Steam Iron Twitter/ZackSnyder

With Justice League just about done, director Zack Snyder has a new project he’d like to talk about: a short film called Snow Steam Iron that can only be watched on Vero.

If you’re Snyder-obsessed, there’s a good chance you’re already on Vero. The app launched in July 2015 and, despite never breaking through to a mainstream social media audience the same way Twitter and Facebook have, it’s acquired top talent like Snyder. Snyder has used the app to debut new Justice League footage and stills since first joining.

Why does Snyder use Vero over more popular platforms for sharing videos and images like Twitter or Instagram? Like everything else in Hollywood, it’s all about connections. Clay Enos, a photographer who has worked with Snyder since Watchmen, introduced the director to the platform. Enos is friends with the developers and Snyder has taken to the exclusive, Twitter-meets-Instagram clone as a way of sharing anything related to his projects. The director has also referred to himself as a brand ambassador for Vero.

Based on his latest tweet, which includes a teaser trailer for Snow Steam Iron, the film will debut solely on Vero. It’s unclear if Snyder has plans to publish the short film on other platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Not much is known about the short film other than it was filmed during a weekend, will star some of Snyder’s friends and was made with little money. Snow Steam Iron takes place in New York City and will focus on a crime of some sort. The teaser, seen above, doesn’t give away too much information beyond that.

Snyder hasn’t provided a release date for the project just yet, but the teaser confirms Snow Steam Iron will arrive on Vero soon.

Snyder’s other, more talked about project, Justice League, will be released on Nov. 17. Unlike Snow Steam Iron, Justice League won’t require an app to watch it.

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