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Destiny 2 servers are currently down for maintenance, here's what you need to know (update: they’re back up)

“Ah, who doesn’t love infrastructure.”

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Update 3 (5:14 p.m. ET): Bungie has given the all clear and it looks like the servers are coming online. Bungie warns that there may be a queue as they spool up.

Update 2 (3:19 p.m. ET) : It looks like something went a little wrong with today’s hotfix. Bungie now says that servers aren’t expected to be online until 2 p.m. PT.

Update 1 (2:34 p.m. ET): The servers aren’t back up yet, but you’re able to download the 1.03 patch — which is a 4.795 GB update (on PS4, at least) — while you wait. If the download is taking a long time on PS4, try quitting the Destiny 2 app entirely; afterwards, our download dropped from nearly 40 minutes to under a minute.

Bungie now estimates the maintenance will be completed at 12 p.m. PT, an hour after their initial estimate. It seems like some things are coming back up; we’re alternating between this “One moment please ...” screen and the “servers are not available” error.

Original story: This morning Bungie brought down the server infrastructure behind Destiny 2 to deploy hotfix v1.0.1.2 for players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In a tweet sent out early this morning, they said that servers are expected to be back online by 11 a.m. PT. The social media team also pointed to a helpful list of tips, including things to be aware of when you log back in.

Some quick notes:

  • Bungie said first and foremost that companion apps, including third-party apps, would see service interruptions during the maintenance.
  • Downloads that were in process may restart, or require verification before they can continue.
  • Players who have trouble logging back in after the hotfix has been applied should try clearing their console cache, power cycling their network hardware or reading through the Bungie’s network troubleshooting guide.
  • If you’re seeing the error code “Sheep” when trying to join on a friend’s fireteam, know that you may not have the latest version of Destiny 2. Bungie recommends that all players involved close the game and restart.
  • If you think your console is having issues receiving the update, you can manually initiate it.

Bungie didn’t specifically mention it, but we’re pretty sure this hotfix will also deal with a bug that cropped up in the current Nightfall mission. The full notes can be found on Bungie’s site, and those interested in getting back in the game quickly should stay tuned to Bungie’s tech support team on Twitter.

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