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Destiny 2 update adds Guided Games, fixes a nasty legendary item bug

The MIDA Mini-tool bug has been fixed, here’s how to get yours

Destiny - image of MIDA Multi-Tool
The MIDA Multi-tool is part of a set of weapons including the MIDA Mini-tool. Both exotics will now drop reliably.
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Today’s server maintenance for Destiny 2 went on a lot longer than anticipated, but with it came a massive patch, a few bug fixes and the much-anticipated Guided Games feature.

This afternoon as the scheduled maintenance began to drag on, Bungie announced a hefty 4.795 GB patch, at least on PlayStation 4. You’ll need to download the hotfix before you can get back into the game. Once you do, you’ll be greeted by a new feature called Guided Games.


We’ve known about Guided Games since May. It’s Bungie’s effort to open up the end-game content to more players. Today’s patch has brought it online in advance of tomorrow’s raid, and it’s our first look at the system in the wild. In theory, it allows clans to hang out their shingle, or rather their banner, and invite players in ones and twos to join them for an adventure. We’ll see how well it works in the days to come.


In addition to stability fixes, a brief set of patch notes says that a pernicious bug with the MIDA Mini-Tool legendary item has been fixed. Players who earned the item in-game but failed to receive it can now visit Devrim Kay in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) to receive their item.

From our guide to getting in shape for tomorrow’s raid:

In the EDZ, you can chase down a group of glowing Fallen to stop their supply of performance-enhancing drugs and earn the MIDA Multi-Tool, a beloved kinetic scout rifle from the original Destiny. Its perks keep the radar on-screen when aiming down the sights and improve your mobility, as well as the Multi-Tool’s new legendary companion SMG, the MIDA Mini-tool, which also improves your mobility. You go real, real fast when you have both equipped.

We’ll have more on the performance of the new patch tomorrow once we’ve had some time to test it out.