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Minecraft is out today for the New Nintendo 3DS

Boxed copies arriving at retail soon

A version of Minecraft will be available later today for the New Nintendo 3DS. The announcement was made during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation live on Twitch.

This version of Minecraft will include both survival and creative modes. Nintendo says that five skins packs are bundled with the game, along with two texture packs. The inventory, crafting and map controls will feature both traditional button controls and touchscreen controls utilizing the stylus as an input device.

Nintendo says the game will be available for purchase and download immediately following today’s presentation. The retail version will arrive in stores at a later date.

In May, Mojang released a version of Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch console. This marks the first appearance of Mojang studio’s smash hit building game on a dedicated portable Nintendo system. Minecraft was first released in 2009 as an early access game. It’s now available on all major consoles including the Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and mobile devices.

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