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Meowth blasts off to Build-A-Bear Workshop

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meowth in team rocket hoodie Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s latest stuffed Pokémon is Meowth, and the character is available for purchase starting today. It’s the fifth Pokémon to enter the Build-A-Bear collection, and it’s already one of our favorites.

A $60 bundle including the plush, a sound chip and two costumes is on sale exclusively through the website, while a $28 Meowth and one outfit by themselves can be found in stores. The online set includes the hallmark piece of the new Pokémon items, though: a Team Rocket hoodie for Meowth to wear. In the Pokémon cartoons, Meowth is the mascot for one bumbling pair from the enemy troupe, who are even subtly featured on the hoodie.

In a press release, Build-A-Bear Workshop was clear to mention that the Team Rocket hoodie wouldn’t come to stores at any point. Instead, fans can buy a Quick Ball-styled hoodie for $12.50 both online and at the physical Workshop locations.

As for the online-only sound chip, it’s not clear whether the six available sounds will be based on the human language-speaking Meowth seen in the TV show. We’re willing to find out, though, because this Meowth is dang cute. It’s no Charmander or Pikachu, but it’s close.

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