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New Justice League photo of the Flash proves he’s a fan of Rick and Morty, Tesla

There are probably some clues hidden, too

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League.
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in Justice League.
Warner Bros.

A new Justice League photo released by Warner Bros.’ today has given us some insight into Ezra Miller’s upcoming Flash.

There are a few similarities between Miller’s Flash and his TV counterpart Grant Gustin’s version of the character. Both are science dorks, as seen by Miller’s framed photo of Nikola Tesla sitting on his desk, and they’re both involved in crime fighting escapes, as seen by the fingerprints displayed on Miller’s computer screen.

Still, Miller’s Flash has a couple of different interests based on the above photo. He’s a fan of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty judging by the still on the TV monitor. The stack of books piled under his desk suggests he’s an avid reader. The 3D renderings of his suit and wind tunnel test for his helmet, contained within the giant space of his laboratory-turned-cave, suggest that he’s also conducting experiments on his own.

Unlike Gustin’s Flash, who is made to appear highly intelligent, Miller’s iteration of the character presented in the photo above suggests that he’ll act like the genius the character is in the comics. For example, Barry can canonically read at hyper speed, hence the number of books piling up under his desk. The illusion the photo provides is that he’s constantly searching for more information.

Even the irony of including Rick and Morty, a show about an intelligent scientist with the ability to travel through time and different dimensions, is a little too on the nose.

There’s a lot to process in the above image. From the scrawled writing on the clear chalkboard to the drawing of what could be a raven in the upper right-hand corner, the photo is certainly rife with clues. Speculation will run its course, but there isn’t anything that pops out immediately about the photo. What we can take away from it for certain is that Barry has an interest in crimefighting, is working on his own suit to better equip his skills and has an affinity for Adult Swim programming — but what teen doesn’t?

We first glimpsed Allen’s cave and witty banter in the trailer for Justice League, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. Since then, we’ve seen more of the Flash in action thanks to a few more trailers. He’ll be united with Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Superman in Justice League. We expect a new trailer to appear in the coming weeks alongside Warner Bros.’ Blade Runner 2049, which will play in theaters on Oct. 6.

Justice League will be released on Nov. 17.

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