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Polygon is hiring a video producer for our Guides team

Are you good at explaining things? Check this job out!

Chelsea Stark (she/her), executive editor, has been covering video games for more than a decade.

The job postings just don’t stop here at Polygon. We’re looking for a talented person to join our video team, focusing on creating videos for our growing Guides section. Check out that job post here.

The right person will be able to capture gameplay, edit video, write scripts and participate in livestreams. You’ll be responsible for turning some of the most tricky moments, challenging fetch quest strings or hidden secrets into videos, which will live on this site and Polygon’s YouTube channel. We’re looking for someone who can figure out where people might need help in a game — whether that’s finding the last 10 Breath of the Wild shrines or getting raid-ready for Destiny 2 — and explaining what they need to know. You’ll also be responsible for some posting on Polygon, so knowing how to string a sentence together is important, too.

Does this sound fun? Head on over to the jobs page to apply. We’re also still looking for a Video Producer too, so please check out that job post as well.