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Watch Zack Snyder’s new short, inspired by the crime-riddled ‘20s and silent movies

It’s gritty, beautiful and all over the place

Justice League director Zack Snyder has released his new short film, Snow Steam Iron, and it’s a gritty tribute to an era of crime-riddled cities and silent movies.

Snow Steam Iron was released on Vero yesterday, a social media platform that Snyder acts as a brand ambassador for, but has since been uploaded to YouTube. It can be seen above. The film follows a woman on the path of vengeance, seeking revenge for the period of domestic abuse she was subjected to by the hands of a police officer. We can’t tell if they’re married, but it’s made obvious that the two had an intimate relationship with one another.

The characters never speak, but there’s a score that plays throughout. While the narrative is askew and questionable, almost bordering on tone-deaf, the short does play up to some of Snyder’s strengths. Individual shots and closeups are beautiful, and the attention to detail in the cinematography is noticeable. The film is also gritty, keeping in line with the rest of Snyder’s work.

This is the first time that Snyder has posted a film on Vero. The director has used the app in the past to upload photos and clips from Justice League as he was working on it. Snow Steam Iron also marks the rare time that Snyder has worked on a short film. Snyder is best known for his cinematic, feature-length films, but has worked on short films in the past, including a music video for Morrissey and a tie-in short for his 2004 movie, Dawn of the Dead.

Snyder’s next project, Justice League, will be in theaters on Nov. 17.

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