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The Duke, Xbox’s biggest controller of all time, will be in stores soon

Final approval from Microsoft means you can get one in time for the holidays

Seamus Blackley
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Every console has its quirks. Recall the three-legged controller on the N64 or, more recently, that weirdly placed eject button on the original PlayStation 4. Fans of the original Xbox will no doubt remember The Duke, the famously oversized controller that felt more like a small steering wheel.

How’d you like a new one?

Seamus Blackley, one of the designers of the original Xbox, has led the charge to recreate The Duke in all its glory for the Xbox One and Windows 10 machines. Together with peripherals manufacturer Hyperkin, he’s finally done it.

Here’s what the near-final version will look like.

Blackley reports that the final prototype has been certified by Microsoft, and has gone to tooling where the plastic molds will be created. Among the improvements is a nine-foot breakaway cord and a fancy display screen. All that’s needed is to produce them in quantity and get them into the hands of consumers. No word yet on the price.

As a massive man with massive hands who has used third-party rubber frippies to make do for a long time I, for one, plan to welcome The Duke with open paws.

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