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Destiny 2’s Faction Rallies special event goes live on Sept. 26

Pledge, activities, tokens, loot, repeat

Arach Jalaal from Dead Orbit, Lakshmi-2 from Future War Cult, and Executor Hideo of New Monarchy

If you’ve reached Level 20 in Destiny 2, you’ve probably found yourself wondering aloud, “What should I be doing now to get those sweet, sweet power levels?” Beginning next Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 2 a.m. PT you’ll be able to pledge yourself to one of three factions when the game’s Faction Rallies go live.

What that means, in specific terms, is you go to the Tower, talk to one of the three above faction leaders, and then do some activities, like “public events, explore Lost Sectors, complete strikes, clear the raid, or compete in the Crucible.” Do stuff, get faction tokens, exchange faction tokens for loot. It’s Destiny! You’ll have until 2 a.m. PT on Oct. 3 to collect those tokens and the winning faction will be announced at 10 a.m. PT.

But we know you’re really here for the weapons. In addition to the loot, the winning faction will offer a special faction-specific weapon. If you pledged to the winning faction, you can scoop the gun for an easy 1,000 glimmer; if you bet wrong, you can still buy the winning faction’s gun, but you’ll need to spend a hefty 50,000 glimmer to do it. Suckers.

Let’s go through each faction’s unique look, loot and weapon, so you can figure out which clique you want to pre-align with. [Note: I’m digging Future War Cult, personally].

Dead Orbit


The Dead Orbit Scout Rifle

Future War Cult


The Future War Cult Pulse Rifle

New Monarchy

Destiny 2 - New Monarchy armor Bungie/Activision

The New Monarchy Sidearm