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Destiny 2 swaps Trials map when glitch is discovered

Destiny 2 campaign - robot Bungie/Activision

Destiny 2’s latest Trial of the Nine player-versus-player event was changed at the last minute after Bungie discovered a glitch that allowed players to leave the map area.

Originally, Altar of Flame was to have been the setting for Trials, but players on that map discovered how to glitch outside of it and shoot through its walls at those still inside. Countdown on Eternity is the new setup while Altar of Flame is repaired.

Trials of the Nine runs on weekends and is Destiny 2’s version of the Trials of Osiris from the first Destiny. Trials of the Nine is a four-on-four gametype that runs from Friday to Tuesday. Polygon has more details about Trials of the Nine here.

No word yet on when Altar of Flame joins the Trials rotation for Destiny 2.

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