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Neo Yokio’s big Toblerone is real, to the internet’s delight

You do deserve this big Toblerone

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kaz with a big toblerone Studio Deen/Netflix

Say what you want about Neo Yokio — I kind of liked it! — but the new Netflix anime is already giving birth to some of Twitter and Tumblr’s favorite new memes. The first episode alone is highly quotable, but episode two is where things get perfectly bizarre.

The second episode’s loose plot follows rich boy exorcist Kaz Kaan trying to coax Helena St. Tessero, a former fashion blogger who’s since rebuked her materialistic ways after being possessed by a demon, into going with him to the ball. His plan is simple. All he has to do is give her a ... big Toblerone.

kaz with a big toblerone
That’s one big Toblerone.
Studio Deen/Netflix

When I hear “big Toblerone,” I think, like, a slightly larger-than-average stick of that good, good, crispy chocolate. A jumbo-sized Toblerone, if you will. But what Kaz shows up to Helena’s recovery room with is actually an extremely oversized Toblerone.

Neo Yokio convinced me of its absurdity moments into its pilot, but the image of Kaz cradling that big Toblerone is probably the most searingly strange of the entire season. No wonder the internet’s become obsessed.

Here’s the cool thing: That big Toblerone isn’t actually a product of creator Ezra Koenig’s imagination. You can buy one! They’re even appropriately expensive for someone as wealth-obsessed as Kaz.

And, hey, it’s even called a Toblerone Jumbo, so I was onto something. Amazon has 15 left in stock for a cool $125 bucks before shipping. It weighs 4.5 kilograms, or just under 10 pounds, and is more than two-and-a-half feet long.

a big toblerone
A normal-sized Toblerone lies beside the oversized one for comparison.

Why anyone would ever want to eat one of these is beyond me, but you bet I want to buy one for my impending Neo Yokio cosplay. New York Comic Con is coming up, after all.

The rest of Neo Yokio kind of falls apart after the following episode, but that first half-season has enough good goofs to keep the internet happy for awhile. Check those out now on Netflix for some easy, stupid laughs.

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