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Breath of the Wild mods let you play as Waluigi, Woody and more

Yet another reason to get back into the game

waluigi in breath of the wild Brothy!/YouTube

Now that there’s a way to get The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild working through PC emulators, you bet that modders are adding all sorts of weird things to the game. We’ve already seen a Link skin that makes him look like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas hero Carl Johnson — but if you think the buck stops there, you are very, very wrong.

It’s strange to see C.J. running around Hyrule, but is it as strange as seeing Waluigi assume the role of Link? You tell us.

On the positive side, at least Waluigi gets a chance to have a starring role for once. But we can’t quite reconcile seeing the Mushroom Kingdom’s most hapless villain in Nintendo’s prettiest game of the year.

A little less disorienting is Toy Story’s Woody taking over for Link. It’s kind of cute, like a Pixar version of a Zelda game. It’s a huge new world for the little toy to explore, though — but if this were the premise of Toy Story 4, we wouldn’t be totally opposed.

Other mods turn Link into a Super Mario Odyssey-style hero, complete with his own Cappy. There’s also Steve of Minecraft available and a skin that has Link looking a bit like Geralt from The Witcher series. Things are only getting started in the Breath of the Wild modding community, though, so keep an eye out for other weird takes on the Switch and Wii U game.

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