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Why was John Cena kicking it with Nintendo? Here’s 11 ideas

Cena seen attending a talk with ’tendo’s top brass

Pro wrestler, actor, rapper and television host John Cena has been spotted chumming it up with Nintendo bigwigs. In a photo tweeted by Doug Bowser, Nintendo’s head of sales and marketing, the 16-time world champion is seen throwing up his trademark “hustle, loyalty, respect” hand gesture beside both Bowser and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

The photo is approximately 200 pixels wide, but it’s perfectly clear that everyone is having a really good time.

Reggie is loving this!
Doug Bowser/Twitter

What’s less clear, however, is the purpose of Cena’s visit with Nintendo’s top brass. Here are some likely scenarios:

  1. Cena’s at Nintendo HQ for a costume fitting for the Super Smash Bros movie, in which he’ll be playing both Ice Climbers.
  2. Reggie got his hand stuck in a jar of honey and needed a strong man to help him get it out.
  3. Cena just showed up, and everyone was too afraid to ask why he was there. He’s still there, and he’s asking to meet Sonic the Hedgehog.
  4. He’s at Nintendo to finalize his divorce from Toadette.
  5. He’s the guy who makes the original SNES smaller for the SNES Classic.
  6. It’s Take Your Son to Work Day, and his dad is the big bullet from Super Mario World.
  7. He’s just dropping by to borrow an HDMI cable or something.
  8. He wanted to disprove fan theories by being seen in the same place as Reggie Fils-Aime.
  9. He was selected by lottery to be a human sacrifice in the ritual that grants Super Mario’s immortality.
  10. The Rock was busy.
  11. This one’s a stretch, but maybe they’re meeting about an ad campaign or something? Nah, that would be unprecedented.

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