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Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow and Ygritte to wed in real life

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie announce their engagement

Jon Snow and Ygritte kissing atop the Wall	HBO via
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Jon Snow and Ygritte — aka Game of Thrones actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie — are to be wed. The on-screen couple announced their off-screen engagement through The Times of London.

Leslie and Harington began dating shortly after Ygritte’s character was introduced in the second season. If you aren’t current on Game of Thrones, the rest of this post will contain spoilers.

Snow and Ygritte meet up in season two when Snow’s ranger patrol is ambushed by Free Folk north of the wall. Snow is unable to execute Ygritte, though, and Ygritte turns the tables on Snow, taking him captive. It leads to his infiltration of Mance Rayder’s camp, and also the beginning of their romance in season three. Ygritte memorably taunted Snow about his vow of celibacy, which he ultimately breaks with her.

The relationship is fraught. Snow’s loyalty to the Watch is ultimately revealed and Ygritte is compromised before her people by her love for him. Ygritte shoots him at the end of season three but it is not fatal, and she dies in the assault on Castle Black in the fourth season. Snow burns her body in a funeral pyre.

With Ygritte deceased (as pretty much everyone is in Game of Thrones at some point) Leslie has not appeared in the show since season four. She has since taken a role in The Good Fight, a spinoff of The Good Wife. Harington, of course, returns to Game of Thrones for the eighth and final season.

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