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Google celebrates turning 19 with assortment of adorable games

These may seem familiar

Google Doodle 19

Google is turning 19, which means it can legally drink in Canada and probably voted in the last election. To celebrate the big birthday, Google has reissued a series of adorable games and quirky Doodles that are both informational and enjoyable.

The first game offered depends on the outcome of a spin on a wheel. There are a number of games that can be played — including one starring a very cute, black cat — and players will have the option to play through them all; if you’re unhappy with the game Google has suggested, you can choose another.

Those who have long used Google and clicked on all of its celebratory applications may remember some of these games. The 2010 browser version of Pac-Man has returned, along with the magical kitten game from 2015. Most importantly, Google has created a new version of its classic Snake game that can be played as one of the options on the wheel.

There isn’t anything particular new about the majority of the games. They’re the same versions you would have played the first time that specific Doodle appeared. They are, however, great time-wasters. It's a nostalgic kick to revisit some of these games that we probably shared with friends via text or through archaic "email exchanges."Maybe you used Gchat to tell friends about the cool new Doodle you discovered! You can take a second today to think about Google’s greatest chat system, which it cruelly killed this year.

All of the Google Doodle games are available to play by clicking the Google logo or looking up “google birthday surprise spinner” in the search bar.

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