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What’s the best way to get into the DC Universe?

Issue at Hand is back from hiatus

We all know Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. But what if there was a single, gripping story that could introduce you to the wide world of the rest of the DC Universe?

That book, 52, is the subject of today’s episode of Issue at Hand. If you’ve ever wondered what the fringes of the DC Universe were like, why comic book fans get so excited about a guy whose name is Booster Gold, or even just why the number 52 is everywhere in DC Comics — here’s your answer.

And here’s Elongated Man:

Elongated Man’s return in Secret Six #12 (2016)
Elongated Man.
Dale Eaglesham/DC Comics

Issue at Hand is Polygon’s show about the strange world of comics, hosted by me, Susana Polo. Every other Thursday we tackle another big question about continuity, explain another upcoming movie adaptation or talk about the unexpected relevance of comics history to modern pop culture.

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