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Discord fixes one of its biggest problems following iOS 11 rollout, but others remain

You’ll be able to go hands-free again!

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Discord is still wrestling with fixing a variety of bugs that have affected iOS 11 users since Apple’s newest mobile operating system rolled out last week, but one major issue has been solved.

After the iOS 11 update, Discord users were unable to use the speaker phone setting on their device, complaining that the option to switch from handheld to hands-free had disappeared. Discord’s team became aware of the issue shortly after the iOS software update rolled out.

Now, Discord has confirmed that the issue has been fixed. Users are instructed to download the newest iOS 11 update and then follow the next steps:

  • Connect to a voice channel or a private call.
  • Swipe up to open the control center.
  • Tap the Music box icon and hold for a short period of time.
  • Wait for the box to open.
  • Tap the symbol in the top right corner and continue to hold until you get a prompt.
  • Select the speaker option.

This should fix any problems that Discord users were having, but a number of iOS 11-related bugs remain. One of the biggest bugs that the team is currently working on regards regular, unexplained crashing. When iOS 11 first rolled out, the crash would occur upon load, but now seems to happen intermittently while the app is in use, according to users on Twitter and Discord.

The Discord team is aware of the issue and an updated fix should be coming soon.

The release of iOS 11 came with a number of problems for a variety of apps. The operating system marks the first time 32-bit apps won’t run on iOS devices. To see if any of your apps won’t be able to run with the update, be sure to check out this quick guide.

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