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The SNES Classic controller cord is still too damn short

Nintendo didn’t learn from the NES Classic’s cord issue, huh

SNES Classic controller (left) with original SNES controller Shai Ben-Dor/Vox Media

Bad news: The cord on the SNES Classic Edition’s controller is woefully short. Just like the NES Classic before it, the new mini system’s controller likely won’t reach your couch, assuming you sit more than 4.5 feet away from the TV.

We noted in our review of the system that the SNES Classic Edition controller cable runs about that long — just a little over 4.5 feet. That’s an improvement over the NES Classic Edition controller, at least; that one runs just 30 inches long. But it’s still a significant amount shorter than the length of the cable on the original Super Nintendo controller.

Take a look at the difference here, courtesy of GameXplain:

The cord on the SNES controller from back in the day is just around 7.5 feet long, so we’ve lost a whole 3 feet in the translation to a tinier, plug-and-play console.

Maybe this seems like a petty thing to complain about, but it’s 2017: The TV sets are bigger, and our willingness to sit right up close to them has dwindled. Plus, when the original SNES controller was significantly longer, we have to wonder why these cords continue to be so darn short.

There are alternative options, like extension cords and wireless third-party controllers. But be advised that the controller you get right out of the box may not go as far as you’d like.