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Get a longer look at the Yakuza team’s Fist of the North Star game

This is gonna be weird

Hokuto ga Gotoku, the upcoming game based on Fist of the North Star developed by the Yakuza team, looks delightfully weird and wonderful in a new six-minute preview video published by Sega today.

There’s a good long look at some of the hyper-violent action players can expect next year, when Hokuto ga Gotoku comes to PlayStation 4, plus a peek at Kenshiro’s combat upgrades. You’ll also get a preview of some of the weirder diversions for Kenshiro; apparently he will come across a dusty OutRun arcade cabinet in the wastelands and will be able to play Hokuto no Ken for the Sega Master System, which was released as Black Belt stateside.

The trailer for Hokuto ga Gotoku also offers a rundown of the game’s voice cast, which appears to be lifted entirely from the Yakuza franchise. In fact, there’s a ton of Yakuza DNA in here — Kenshiro will be able to visit a post-apocalyptic hostess club, it seems.

Hokuto ga Gotoku will be released Feb. 22, 2018 in Japan. The game hasn’t been announced for the West yet.

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