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Star Fox 2’s manual is online, and it’s really cute

Nintendo gives us a modern take on a classic format

Starfox 2 manual

Nintendo has posted the manual for Star Fox 2 online. And it’s a nice piece of design, giving an updated feel to the classic manuals of the Super Nintendo era.

Star Fox 2 is getting its first official release with the launch of the Super Nintendo Classic Edition on Sept. 29. The mini hardware device comes with 20 games previously released for the SNES in the 1990s, as well as Star Fox 2, which was completed in 1995, but never released due to the arrival of the Nintendo 64.

All the SNES Classic games come with scans from the original manuals. But a manual was never created for 3D space shooter Star Fox 2, until now. The new manual includes chapters on story, characters, controls, combat, items and more. You can check out our impressions of Star Fox 2 here.

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