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A Miiverse archive is backing up the service, post by post

The clock’s ticking on Miiverse

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Miiverse is going offline on Nov. 8, and all of its wonderful, wacky posts will go down with it. Thankfully, there’s one engineer working to preserve the 3DS and Wii U service’s history with an archival program he built up himself.

Drastic Actions, a web and app developer, is the creator of the Miiverse Archive, project that’s “intended as a scratch for figuring out the best ways to parse the Miiverse site.”

“The goal of this project is to crawl each area of the Nintendo Miiverse Website, including discussion boards, drawings, and Other Areas,” Drastic Actions wrote on the program’s GitHub page. From there, he wants to parse all of that data and redistribute it so that people can view it online, in perpetuity.

With thousands upon thousands of posts to comb through, it’s going to take awhile. As of Sept. 3, Drastic Actions had collected more than 57,000 posts. But all of those came from just one game: Splatoon, and only the Japanese side of Miiverse at that.

The engineer remains steadfast that the goal is to collect everything, from artwork to text posts, before Miiverse shuts down. There’s an IRC Channel for those who want to help out, though — so if you’ve got chops, check out MiiWorse to do your part in saving one of Nintendo’s coolest features.