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Sonic Mania’s DRM cracked, days after launch

Blamed for always-online requirement in launch week

An image of Sonic and Tails running in Sonic Mania Sega

Sonic Mania’s digital rights management tech, which so many PC gamers found obnoxious when the game launched last week, has been cracked.

Denuvo, the DRM protection that straddled the PC version of Sonic Mania, was blamed when gamers discovered they had to maintain an online connection in order to play it.

Sega later said that Sonic Mania’s DRM was not the cause of problems in the PC version. It pushed out an update allowing the game to be played offline, but hackers still went after Denuvo, breaking it and mooting whatever Sega had to say.

Breaking Denuvo’s protection has become a point of pride in the PC gaming community. Challenges to crack Denuvo have been met head-on, and swiftly. Past crackings of Denuvo anti-tamper technology have seen it removed from Doom, 2016’s Hitman and Mass Effect: Andromeda by those games’ publishers. But Denuvo still is in place for the PC version of Sonic Mania, unless someone can find and install a cracked version.

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