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Destiny 2’s Japanese launch trailer perfectly encapsulates the game experience

Top that!

The live-action ad for Destiny 2 released in North America and Europe last week was outstanding (and really expensive looking). Amid bursts of action and explosive combat, a sense of camaraderie and comic relief shine through. But absent from that spot was a core component of the Destiny experience that, thankfully, Destiny 2’s Japanese live-action trailer leans into ... hard.

Anyone who spent enough time in the original Destiny’s social spaces knows there wasn’t much to do in between engram decryption and loading up on bounties. Dancing and kicking around the purple ball (may it rest in peace) made visits to the Tower more tolerable. And if you ever spent time waiting for your fellow Guardians to catch up in a Nightfall Strike, you probably spent some time getting the most out of your dance emotes. Japan’s Destiny 2 launch spot is a celebration of those moments. (There’s some shooting too.)

Destiny 2 is now live, meaning millions of Guardians can embark on an all-new dance-fueled journey through the stars.

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