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Star Wars trading card provides best look at Supreme Leader Snoke

It’s kind of what we expected

Supreme Leader Snoke— a pale, bald, decrepit man in black robes Disney/Lucasfilm

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be the first time that we see Supreme Leader Snoke in his true form.

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.]

Over the last week, we’ve seen some better images of Supreme Leader Snoke and his contorted face, mainly in toy form. A new image from Topps’ Star Wars trading card line has given us the best look yet. As seen in the image below, Supreme Leader Snoke has a nasty scar running down the middle of his face, sunken cheeks and a mean look.

Snoke Topps Card Topps Card
Snoke Topps Card Topps Card

This aligns with previous images we’ve seen from different toy sets, but what’s most apparent about his face is just how human it looks. Back in May, Pablo Hidalgo of Lucasfilm’s Story Group tweeted out a passage from the novelization of The Force Awakens. That passage defines Snoke as “humanoid, but not human.” The description provided by Hidalgo certainly describes Snoke in the photo above. There’s an evil glare to Snoke’s look, but he still looks human, even if disfigured.

Snoke will play a bigger role in The Last Jedi than he did in The Force Awakens, but he won’t be the main baddie this time around, either. In an interview with Empire Magazine, director Rian Johnson confirmed that Kylo Ren would still be at the center of the First Order’s story. Johnson compared Snoke’s involvement in the movie to that of Emperor Palpatine in the original Star Wars trilogy.

“He's a dark force: the scary thing behind the thing,” Johnson said. “That was entirely how I approached Snoke. I wasn't interested in explaining where he came from or telling his history, except where it serves this story.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on Dec. 15.

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