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Suicide Squad 2 has a writer and director

The Accountant, Warrior director Gavin O’Connor steps in

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has hired Gavin O’Connor to write and direct the sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 supervillain movie, Suicide Squad.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that O’Connor, best known for his work on Pride and Glory, The Accountant and Warrior, will handle both writing and directing duties for Suicide Squad 2. Mel Gibson was previously rumored for the directing role.

Suicide Squad 2 isn’t in production yet and it remains unclear when filming will begin. Recent reports suggest that Warner Bros. wants to fast-track Suicide Squad 2 and its Harley Quinn-Joker spinoff movie, but many of the actors involved in Suicide Squad 2 are wrapped up in other projects. The sequel’s cast has not been announced, but the majority of the cast from the first film are expected to return.

Ayer, who announced he wasn’t going to direct the sequel in December 2016, will return to the DC film universe to direct Margot Robbie and other actors in Warner Bros.’ adaptation of Gotham City Sirens. Gotham City Sirens does not have a release window at this time.

Although Suicide Squad 2 is being fast-tracked, the film doesn’t have a release date. It may be released next year.

Warner Bros.’ next film from its DC branch is Justice League, which is slated to be released on Nov. 17.