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Nintendo adding custom controls to Arms

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Arms - Ninjara vs. Ribbon Girl

Nintendo Switch fighting game Arms will get a long-requested feature in its next update: customizable controls. An update for the game (ver. 3) will let Arms players remap the controls to the buttons of their choosing, Nintendo announced on Twitter today.

Arms’ lack of customizable controls was criticized in our review of the Switch game. Some of the game’s control input decisions felt baffling or uncomfortable at first — specifically, having to push in the left Joy-Con’s analog stick to block. It looks like that won’t be much of a concern after the game’s next patch.

Here’s a preview of what custom controls will look like in Arms:

Arms’ ver. 3 update will also introduce a new playable character: Lola Pop. The candy-coated clown will be released for free, and given that her fighting style places a big emphasis on defense, Arms’ new control options couldn’t be more well-timed. (With the exception of them being available at launch.)

For a look at Lola Pop, her new arms and the new stage that will also be released soon, check out her announcement trailer.