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PUBG breaks 1 million concurrents on Steam

That’s a big chicken dinner

a dude crouching and taking cover in pubg Bluehole Studio

There are more than one million Steam users playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds right now, according to the PC games platform’s stats page — a rare feat that should come as no surprise to those tracking the game’s meteoric rise.

Last weekend, PUBG topped Valve’s Dota 2 in concurrent users on Steam for the first time. The multiplayer battle arena game has held the top spot for a long, long time — it was the first game to ever hit one million concurrents on Steam — but PUBG has now far surpassed its current player count. As of writing, there are 1,005,000 people playing the survival game; meanwhile, 745,000 are logged into Dota 2.

The all-time record for concurrents on Steam still belongs to Dota 2, and it could be a while before PUBG breaks it. In March 2016, 1,291,328 users were playing the game at the same time, according to Steam Charts.

Both games are still outpacing almost every other title on Steam, with only Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coming close to their player counts. But considering that PUBG has yet to leave Steam Early Access, is a relative newcomer in the PC space and has already sold more than 10 million copies, we wouldn’t be surprised to see its player count only continue to grow.

We’ve got some PUBG fans here at Polygon. You may know them as the Awful Squad. Find out why they’ve earned that name in our video below.

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