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L.A. Noire on Switch is pricier than on other consoles

The Switch tax strikes again

l.a. noire screenshot of some dudes in a police station!!! Rockstar Games

The upcoming re-release of L.A. Noire will be more expensive on Nintendo Switch than PlayStation 4 or Xbox One — the physical version, at least. As we’ve seen with other physical copies of Switch games, L.A. Noire will cost an extra $10 on the cartridge-based hybrid console.

That brings the price to $49.99. On Nintendo Switch eShop, expect L.A. Noire to cost the same as it does on PS4 and Xbox One — $39.99. The price difference points to the added cost of manufacturing the proprietary Switch game cards, something that other publishers have attempted to make up for by packing physical bonuses into the box.

With Rime, which is due out on Switch this November, publisher Grey Box will include a download code for the game’s score. Sold separately, the score will cost $10; that helps to account for the physical version’s price hike over the eShop release and those on other platforms.

Grey Box explained that Rime’s physical Switch release will cost $39.99 — as opposed to $29.99, like on PC, PS4 and Xbox One — because of “additional development, manufacturing, and publishing costs involved with [the Switch] port.” Rockstar hasn’t explained the pricing for L.A. Noire’s Switch release, but it will come with features specific to Nintendo’s console: HD rumble, and gyroscopic and touchscreen controls.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar about the added cost of the Switch version’s physical release and will update when we hear back. The L.A. Noire re-release will be available Nov. 14.