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The Pokémon anime’s return to Kanto has a ton of cute reunions

There’s plenty more beyond Brock and Misty

Ash Ketchum heads back home to Kanto in next week’s episode of Pokémon Sun and Moon, and there’s more to look forward to beyond his reunion with old pals Brock and Misty. Early teasers for the Japanese premiere show that plenty of other familiar friends are coming back, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m tearing up over some of them.

The promo above got me good when Jigglypuff showed up, still as trigger-happy as ever. It’s even still got its hybrid microphone marker, ready for scrawling on people’s faces as needed.

We’ve also got the return of Ash’s Muk, whose relationship with Ash was made difficult because of how badly it smelled. But that doesn’t stop it from glomming on for a hug.

Also sweet: Bulbasaur is back, giving us what might be the teaser’s cutest moment. Bulbasaur and Ash go way, way back, as one of the first Pokémon Ash ever caught. It’s spent the last decade (!!!) living at Professor Oak’s lab, but every time Ash drops by, it’s as if the bros were never apart.

Not seen in the video above, but something from the episode itself: Ash’s pack of 30 Tauros make a brief appearance. American viewers missed the episode where Ash caught way, way too many of the bull Pokémon because it was banned stateside — thanks to a guy pulling out a gun on Ash, Misty and Brock. Those were different times, those Kanto days.

It’ll be a long while before we get this episode here in the U.S., but I will definitely be trawling Twitter for all the highlights after it airs on Sept. 14.

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