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Resident Evil 7 speedrun has best scare of Games Done Quick

The suspense may drive you nuts

Resident Evil 7 biohazard starred in a late-night horror block during Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 Tuesday night, and if you didn’t stay up to watch, you missed out on some classic moments. Anyone who’s played the game won’t be surprised at how intense the speedrun gets — but the streamer behind the wheel treated viewers to at least one hilarious, shocking moment.

[Warning: There are Resident Evil 7 spoilers in the videos, so be advised before watching.]

Viewers and fans praised talented speedrunner CarcinogenSDA for making the game one of the annual charity tournament’s first must-watch streams this year. One moment in particular is winning attention: when Carcinogen and his similarly hilarious couch-bound co-pilots get to one of Resident Evil 7’s creepiest moments.

Eveline Baker is arguably the creepiest member of the Baker family; she’s a creepy little girl, which is hard to top. And the moment when she abruptly jumps out of her chair and appears in from the of screen is terrifying if you don’t know it’s coming.

Carcinogen’s played through Resident Evil 7 several times before, so he should be prepped for Eveline’s scare. But we only have so much control over our visceral reactions, of course. The 26-second clip below, where everyone loses it over Eveline, is proof.

If you want to watch the full stream, which is full of fun moments like this, check out an archive up top. Carcinogen finishes the entire PC version of the game in one hour, 49 minutes; that time trails his record-setting Any % New Game Madhouse-style speedrun from late December by a few minutes. But whatever seconds he loses are made up for all of the suspenseful near-death experiences that made this one of the most entertainingly stressful runs of the event so far.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 runs until Saturday, Jan. 13. We’ve got the full schedule if you want to keep track of what’s coming.

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