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Are you ready to write a song with Captain Toad?

Everyone’s favorite Toad gets a sound pack


Have you ever wanted to write a song with everyone’s favorite Toad, who is also a Captain? A new $3 sound pack from Jesse Martin will make that dream a reality, using 20 custom samples taken from Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

You can listen to a sample track using the sounds below:

If you listen to the song three times while looking the mirror and saying the word “Nintendo” in a dark bathroom, you can keep the cease and desist demon at bay for at least long enough to grab the sounds and use them in your own compositions! Or at least that’s what we heard at summer camp, we can’t guarantee it will work.

These samples can be used with your favorite music production software to make any kind of Toad-inspired song your heart desires, and if you do decide to make something you can always post it in the comments for the rest of us to enjoy.

Now, how about a Switch re-release of Treasure Tracker?