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The World Ends With You returns remixed on Nintendo Switch

A decade later, the cult hit RPG is back

the world ends with you Square Enix

The World Ends With You, Square Enix’s classic Nintendo DS role-playing game, is heading to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo announced during today’s mini Direct presentation.

The World Ends With You Final Remix is a stylish RPG set in modern-day Japan where Neku must fight his way through various battles in order to save himself, and the world. Alongside the original content, the Switch version will include what Nintendo calls a “new scenario” exclusive to the console debut.

The Final Remix edition will also add another control option on Switch. While the touchscreen controls will remain in place, players can also use the Joy-Con for a different way to experience the action RPG.

Square Enix first launched The World Ends With You on DS back in 2008, and it received critical acclaim and a huge fanbase that has grown over time. It’s since come to other mobile platforms, namely iOS. Yet the developer has yet to return to the world for a second installment — and while the Switch release is mostly based on the original game, perhaps it portends something new for the beloved game in the future.

Final Remix will launch later this year.

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