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Kirby Star Allies turns enemies into friends on Nintendo Switch in March

Kirby and friends team up for console debut

kirby star allies Nintendo

Nintendo will release Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch on March 16, the company revealed during a surprise mini-Nintendo Direct.

The previously announced Kirby title will be the adorable pink dude’s first game for Nintendo Switch. Kirby will receive new abilities in the game, like the Artist and Spider ability, which will help him take on a number of enemies in a classic side-scrolling adventure.

The big attraction in Star Allies is its cooperative play, however. Like in some previous Kirby games, up to four players can work together to unleash what are called Friend Abilities, upgraded and unique versions of attacks that will help them fight off foes even harder and faster than before.

What’s coolest about this very friendship-oriented game is Kirby’s new item, the friend heart. He can not only invite other Kirby pals into the party, but he can also get enemies to join alongside him. Sending a friend heart toward an enemy will inspire it to join up with its new best friend Kirby, which is probably as cute as it sounds.

Kirby Star Allies will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 16.

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