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Pokkén Tournament DX DLC adds a fan-favorite sad guy and familiar legendaries

From Mimikyu to some legendary surprises

mimikyu in pokken Bandai Namco/Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Nintendo will release a set of downloadable content for Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch eShop, as shown off in its latest Direct presentation. If the upgraded Wii U fighting game hasn’t caught your attention quite yet, the Battle Pack content way change that up for big fans — as it adds several favorite Pokémon into the mix.

The playable fighters coming in the two waves of Battle Pack add-ons are Aegislash, which is a sentient Poké-sword, of all things; and Blastoise, otherwise known as Squirtle’s water cannon-equipped final form.

Those are certainly fun on their own, especially the dual-form Aegislash. But what we’re most excited about are the new support Pokémon Nintendo will introduce to Pokkén Tournament DX. Mimikyu, everyone’s favorite Pokémon sad boy, will arrive to help out, as will Mega Rayquaza, one of the strongest Pokémon out there. Pint-sized mythical monsters Mew and Celebi will also head to the ring to support players, which should be a fun (and, in my opinion, adorable) change of pace.

The first Battle Pack wave will launch on Jan. 31. The second will tentatively follow on March 23. Both waves of new content are included in the single Battle Pack purchase, which is now available to buy on eShop.

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