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Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter takes on Ugandan Knuckles in the best way

Put your money where your meme is

ugandan knuckles Syrmor/YouTube

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter account, always on the pulse of culture, has weighed in on the “Ugandan Knuckles” meme dominating certain corners of the internet. And, as it often does, Sonic manages to dunk on the controversial gag in just one great tweet.

This post actually combines two different recurring jokes: a widely circulating, chubby 3D model of Knuckles, and the “expanding brain” joke that’s become a familiar part of meme culture.

“Let us show you the way ... to make the world a better place,” the tweet reads. That’s a clear-cut reference to the phrase constantly uttered by those who proliferated Ugandan Knuckles: players of the virtual reality MMO VRChat, who combine the chubby Knuckles with mocking, offensive accents inspired by a Ugandan action movie. Their rallying cry is “Do you know the way?” which begets the response of “Let me show you the way.”

As for the brains, the first one shows Knuckles sitting on the tiniest brain; as we get closer to enlightenment, Sonic the Hedgehog advocates for “respecting other players while having fun as Knuckles” and, lastly, “actually donating to a Ugandan charity.”

That’s the smartest way to address this incendiary joke thus far, by our estimation. Attached to the tweet is a link to GlobalGiving, where there are a number of charities to choose from that raise funds for underprivileged people of Uganda.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s tweet has shown us that the wacky Twitter account is more than a force of goofs: It’s a force of good, too.

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