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Hori releasing a PS4 controller for people who prefer Xbox controllers

Officially licensed ‘Onyx’ gamepad available this month

Onyx Wireless Controller

Hori is releasing an officially licensed PlayStation 4 wireless controller that should appeal to Xbox fans. The Onyx Wireless Controller from Hori, which hits stores later this month, mimics the asymmetrical analog stick layout of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.

The Bluetooth wireless controller doesn’t include the standard DualShock 4’s light bar (nor does it appear to have a headphone jack or built-in speaker), so PS4 owners may have to trade some function for familiarity or comfort.

The Onyx Wireless Controller from Hori is out as of Jan. 15 — at least in the U.K. — according to a post on the European PlayStation Blog. We’ve reached out to Hori for details on a North American release of the controller.

For now, here are a few shots of the controller (and yes, the circle button does look a little wonky):

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